Yellowstone River at Fishing Bridge

When traveling through Yellowstone National Park, there are so many wonderful places to stop and take photographs. We stopped at Fishing Bridge near the East Entrance of the park to enjoy a bit of the natural beauty.

yellowstone river at fishing bridge cloud reflection

We went down to the river and walked along for a while, looking at the flowers blooming and we even saw pelicans swim from one side of the river to the other. I had read that it was a good spot to look for otters, but unfortunately they weren't there that day.

When going to National Parks, make sure to stop at the lesser visited areas too. You never know what beauty you are going to see!

When we got in the car to head further into the park, we were stuck on the road while a herd of buffalo (bison) crossed the road. We were able to enjoy seeing one buffalo dance around in the dirt and have a bit of a dirt bath.

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