Early Spring Pink Cherry Blossoms

Spring has arrived in Utah. The morning of the first day of Spring, the cherry blossom trees seemed to bloom overnight with their beautiful pink and white blossoms. It's been lovely to see them opening up this week and brightening the dreary winter landscape with their colors.

beautiful and delicate pink cherry tree blossoms

Seeing the new green shoots as they come up and the buds of the tulips and daffodils waiting to make their entrance on the spring landscape provides a reminder of the beauty of this wonderful Earth that we live on.

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Fresh Ripe Red Tomatoes

Beauty can be found in unexpected places, when you take the time to stop for a minute and look. Recently I bought some Campari tomatoes to make homemade stewed tomatoes. As I was washing them, I stopped and noticed the perfect little water droplets against the red skin of the tomatoes.

ripe red tomatoes with water droplets in the sun

I don't generally think that tomatoes are beautiful. To me they are just a tasty fruit (or vegetable, however you classify them). But when I looked at the tomatoes with the sunlight coming in my kitchen window and the water on them, my eyes were opened to the simple beauty that was right in front of me.

So take a moment in your day to pause and look at the simple beauty in an everyday moment.

You can find the recipe for homemade stewed tomatoes on Home Crafts by Ali, one of my other blogs.
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