A Rainbow and A Surprise Adventure

Sometimes it is the little unexpected things during an adventure that can make it memorable. Isn't that the exciting part about adventures though - when going through life, you never know what will make a lasting memory. Last night, that unexpected happening was my shoes.

I'll admit, shoes are not the topic you might expect when coming to a photography blog. Nevertheless, that's our topic for today. Read my tale and learn from my mistakes.

Yesterday, we had rain all day long, the kind of rain that makes me miss western Washington. My family went out to run an errand while I stayed home editing photos. My husband called to say that there was an amazing rainbow and I had to come out to see it. I slipped on the first pair of shoes I could find and ran out to the truck to chase a rainbow.

Rainbow over houses and weeping willow

The thing about rainbows is that they change at every moment. We zipped out of the neighborhood on a chase to find the "perfect" vantage point. I took a few photos close to home, then decided to check out my favorite spot to take broad landscape photos of our mountain range.

When we got to the spot, the rainbow was pretty much gone. A disappointment, but there was a silver lining. From that spot, I could see the newly snow topped mountains (very strange for almost May) and the suns rays coming through clouds.

I stepped out of the truck to take a few photos...right into a big muddy mess. I slogged around for a minute, then my oldest daughter got out of the truck to help me balance so I was steady when taking the photos. She was a wonderful assistant and it was so sweet of her to help me so I could get the shot I wanted.

So this brings us back around to my shoes. Remember I said I grabbed the first pair of shoes I found? They happened to be slip on brown shoes I wear to church. Not the best shoes to wear in the unexpected mud.

Mud Covered Dress Shoes

The mud will dry and I will be able to scrape it off...most likely. I learned a valuable lesson from my impromptu photography adventure. Be prepared for any eventuality. If you aren't prepared, sacrifice for your art may be required. I think I may look into buying a cute pair of rain boots for future adventures.

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