November Photo-A-Day Challenge

ali biorn photography november photo a day challenge

One of the best ways to improve your photography skills is to practice, so I've started a Photo-A-Day Challenge! Hopefully you can enjoy the photography journey during November as you look for those things in your life to celebrate with photos.

Share your photos each day with the hashtag #abphotoaday   I will be sharing on my Instagram page (alibiornphotography) as well as my Facebook page.

If you have suggestions for prompts to add in December, I would love to hear about that in the comments!


Sunset Palm Trees at Cabrillo Beach

sunset cabrillo beach california palm trees

Sunset is always a beautiful time of the day, but add in the beach and it is just a bit more special. Walking along the soft sand and listening to the waves crash as the sun sinks lower is amazingly peaceful.

When we visited California last November, we took a trip to the beach at sunset. We visited Cabrillo Beach in the San Pedro area. The beach was emptying for the day and we had the harbor side and ocean side to ourselves.

What is your favorite beach to visit in the Los Angeles area? To see more about our day in LA, click here.

Sunburst Through the Trees

sunburst shining down through the trees

While walking along the river trail in our town, I took a moment to look up through the trees. The sun was shining down through the leaves and I loved the sunburst that came through in this photo.

Take a moment in your busy life to find the sunshine!

Red Wishing Well in the Countryside

red wishing well in countryside lakeshore utah

What a quaint place to make a wish. As I was driving through the peaceful countryside near my home, I came upon this little red wishing well. I captured the image with my camera, then thought of what my wish for the future would be. What wish would you make?

Bridal Veil Falls in the Autumn

Bridal Veil Falls Provo Utah Autumn Colors

A visit to Bridal Veil Falls up Provo Canyon is always very pretty. I've taken the quick drive up the canyon during every season and haven't been disappointed by the view.

There is something special about visiting Bridal Veil Falls when the trees start to change and wear their autumn colors. The mixture of red, orange, brown, yellow, and green is amazing against the gray rock of the mountain and the running water.

picturesque waterfalls bridal veil falls provo canyon utah


Fire Hydrant Overgrown

red fire hydrant among green leaves nature

Sometimes while enjoying nature, you come along a unique sight. This fire hydrant is slowly being taken over by overgrown bushes. It struck me as interesting to see nature overcoming the man made items placed nearby. the bright red it striking among the green leaves.

What nature have you seen trying to claim its rightful place?

Autumn Leaves on the Tree

colorful red leaves on the tree in fall

There is something warm and inviting about the colors of the world in autumn. Red, orange, brown, and yellow blend together to brighten the landscape before the starkness of winter.

The leaves are turning amazing colors here and it's the perfect time of the year to be outside and enjoying the beauty that can be seen.


Colorful Apples in a Bowl

fresh red and yellow fall apples in bowl

You can bring some natural beauty into your home this fall with a bowl of red and yellow apples.

During fall, a visit to the farmer's market will provide you with ample choice of bright and delicious apples. Maybe you want Cortland apples for applesauce, Granny Smith for caramel apples, Jonathans for pies, McIntosh apples for making cider, and Honeycrisp apples for eating.

If you want a delicious recipe for applesauce, visit my other blog Home Crafts by Ali for a Slow Cooker Cinnamon Applesauce Recipe.
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