Misty Spray at Narada Falls Mt Rainier National Park

When visiting Mt Rainier National Park, take the time to venture down the path at Narada Falls. You will enjoy a shady walk through the trees, then come out near the bottom of the falls and be cooled by the fine mist spray from the water hitting the rocks at the bottom.

waterfall fine mist spray narada Falls Mt Rainier

I grew up visiting Mount Rainier National Park every summer, but this was the first time I remember taking the short trail to the bottom of the falls. We walked through the shady woods, past a few small streams, listened to birds in the trees, then emerged into the sunlight at one of the scenic spots. There was a shimmery rainbow where the mist hit the rocks, which unfortunately didn't translate well in the photo.

Have you ever been to Mt Rainier? What is your favorite spot to take photographs there?

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