Split Rail Fence

sunny autumn morning split rail fence farm

As the sun shone on the golden grass, I couldn't help but see beauty in this fence on a peaceful farm. The weathered wood has such an interesting texture after all the storms and sun baked days it has been through.

weathered farm split rail fence field and mountain in distance

I wanted to walk through the field with my fingertips grazing the grass, letting the sun shine down on an autumn morning, listening to the lowing of the cattle in the field.

Minnie Mouse Statue at Disneyland

Minnie Mouse Bronze Statue in Disneyland

Minnie Mouse is a sweet member of the Disney family. Make sure to visit her statue in Disneyland. It's in a prime location any time of the year - she sits in the circle in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle.

Payson Temple Cloudy Sky

lds temple payson utah cloudy skies

"As we enter through the doors of the temple, we leave behind us the distractions and confusion of the world." ~ President Thomas S. Monson

I love the feeling of peace I have when visiting the grounds of LDS temples.

Wildflower Bouquet

beautiful bouquet of the last colorful wildflowers

This week, we picked the last of the wildflowers from our garden. While it is a bit strange to have flowers still blooming in November, they have been a beautiful addition to the fall landscape. The lovely colors have brightened our days as they intermix with the orange and brown of the fallen leaves.

Red Tractor in Barn

red tractor in old barn with hay
I'm not sure what it is about farms and old barns, but I'm drawn to them. Maybe it's that from my side of the camera, farms are peaceful. The tractors making long lines back and forth through the growing hay, animals grazing in the fields, the wind softly blowing through the golden grasses, the sun shining down to make everything golden.

All I know is when I drive through the countryside, I long for the peace that I feel there to be in my daily busy life in town.

Line of Autumn Trees

trees in autumn red colors

“How beautifully leaves grow old. How full of light and color are their last days.”

― John Burroughs

This autumn the trees have seemed extra beautiful. Each day the leaves change a bit more, some falling to the ground so people can shuffle through the crunchy leaves. I'm going to enjoy the colors before the last remaining leaves fall as we head into the coming winter.

Colorful Fall Trees in Provo Canyon

fall colored trees in Provo Canyon

Red, yellow, orange, and brown speckle the trees during the autumn. The canyons were beautiful to travel through. I'm so glad to live so close to beautiful nature.

Autumn Pumpkins on the Porch

pumpkins of all colors decorate the porch

Pumpkins come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Each one is beautiful in its own way...just like each of us. Hope you enjoy the journey of finding beauty in the everyday.
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