Lavender Stem In the Snow

I have a lovely lavender bush that blooms in the spring and again in the fall. This past fall I didn't prune the stems off because they bloomed until mid November and then it started snowing...and didn't seem to stop.

I recently took a photography class. One of our lessons was about movement in photos and practicing with the shutter speed to get the movement in a photo that we wanted. When we had a snowstorm, I bundled up and went outside to take some photos.

Stem of Lavender flower with snow crystals

I took photos of the snowflakes falling, changing my shutter speed so it went from a blanket of white to being able to see individual flakes falling. When I saw my lavender bush with the stems covered with gently falling snowflakes, I decided to take a few photos.

I like how you can see the individual crystals of snow sitting on the stem. You can see some tiny flakes of snow falling in the background as well.

Lombardy Poplars in the Fog

Growing up in western Washington in a city right on the Puget Sound, I'm used to fog blanketing the area in the mornings until the sun comes out. Here in Utah it's not quite as common.

lombardy poplars disappearing into the fog on a snowy morning

One winter morning I was out and saw the soccer field covered with fresh snow on a foggy morning. I grabbed my camera to take a photo of the poplar trees fading away into the fog. There are about 25 trees that line the field and seeing them disappear into the thick fog was so interesting.

It was such a peaceful morning and I was glad to be out in the fresh air and be able to capture this serene moment.
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