Autumn Leaf

Autumn has arrived and the leaves have started to change color and fall. It's the perfect time of year to be outside, enjoy the cool weather, and look at the beauty of the natural world.

single red autumn fall leaf in green grass

The evenings are still light, so family walks have been enjoyable lately. The leaves have started to fall and I was struck by the beauty of this red leaf that was alone in the green grass.

The leaves falling remind me of many fun afternoons I had as a child, walking home from school and shuffling my feet through inches of fallen leaves. It makes me want to take my family up the canyons and find leaves to play in!

I hope you enjoy the fall weather and take time to venture out into nature to enjoy the beauty of our wonderful world!

Honeybee on Sunflower

Fall sunflowers bring so much brightness to the garden. As the sunflowers begin to open and mature in the middle, the bees flock to the colorful flowers to taste of the plentiful pollen.

happy honeybee collecting pollen from a bright yellow sunflower

Each morning and afternoon when checking the garden for new flowers opening, I saw plenty of honeybees buzzing among the flowers. They especially loved to visit the wide face of the sunflowers. One honeybee would spend up to five minutes visiting different sections of the sunflowers as it collected the soft yellow pollen.

I imagine the honeybees being happy little insects after visiting the happily colored sunflower. Do happy honeybees produce more delicious honey?

Fall Folliage

The fall season has arrived, and with it the promise of cooler days and the beauty of the changing colors of leaves on the trees.

fall color of trees nature beauty

Taking a drive up the canyon is a peaceful, relaxing, and enjoyable way to spend a fall day. Seeing all the different shades of colors that the trees are wearing while enjoying the crisp air can be invigorating. You can pack a picnic lunch, find a quiet spot to eat, and enjoy the beauty of the wonderful world we live in.

Summer Tomato Basil Salad

When you pick a sun ripened tomato from the vine in your garden, the tomato is still warm and it smells so fresh. It's hard to resist eating the flavorful colored fruit before you get to the kitchen.

Having multi-color tomatoes growing in the garden is such a treat. They have different sweetness and flavor, but go so well together. Aren't they striking in a bright blue bowl with fresh chopped green basil from the garden?

food photography fresh tomato basil salad in blue bowl

Food is not only pleasing to the taste buds, it is pleasing to the eye as well. The mix of the vibrant colors can make your dining a more enjoyable experience.
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