Ripples in the Sand

When you visit the beach, you never know the beauty that you will find. Which animals will be prowling around on the sand? Will you find a tide pool with little creatures in their natural habitat? What colorful rocks and shells you see. Sometimes it is in the simplicity of the ripples in the sand that the retreating water has left behind.

Ripples in the sand utah antelope island

I have fond memories of weeks during the summer spent at the beach. Wiggling my toes in the sand, looking for shells, avoiding jellyfish, and splashing in the waves. It was always neat to see the waves rolling out and find what little creatures were left behind in it's wake. I never remember seeing such a defined ripple pattern in the sand though, and it was intriguing to me on this day when we went to the beach.

We are pretty landlocked here in Utah. Many of the lakes and reservoirs have stony "beaches" that hurt to lay down on and there is no way to build a real sandcastle.  But if you visit Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake, you will find a real sand beach (as well as buffalo roaming around the island) that you can enjoy.

My family spent a great day at the beach and had a fun time running on the sand, watching the birds flit and fly, collecting interesting rocks, and wading out into the salty water.

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