Bachelor Button Flowers of Many Colors

My daughter loves the color blue, so when we were planning our garden for the year I bought a packet of bachelor button seeds for her to plant in her section of the garden. She sprinkled the seeds and waited for them to bloom.

Blue bachelor button flower with water droplets

During the nightly watering of our garden, we would check on the progress of the blooms. It took every so long (well, to a 9 year old) before the flowers began to open. The first flowers were all a lovely shade of blue, just as expected.

As the other bachelor buttons began to grow, we noticed that some of the buds seemed different. The bachelor button seeds were intermixed with other wildflowers so we didn't think anything of it. Until the next few opened.

pink bachelor button flowers gardening

I had no idea that bachelor buttons were found in any other colors. While the pink, purple, fuschia, light blue, and almost white flowers were a surprise....they weren't a disappointment. We have had a good time looking at the new flower buds as they begin to grow and guessing what color they will end up being once bloomed.

bachelor button flowers in blue purple white and pink

So, we ended up loving the bachelor buttons of many colors in our garden. While my daughter was partial to the blue ones still, I enjoy the deep purple and almost white ones the best. Next year we will get some more seeds and see what happens. Oh, the wonder of the natural world and the surprises that are found there.

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