Pacific Ocean at La Jolla Children's Cove

When you visit San Diego, you can't pass up the opportunity to take a trip to the beach. There are some beaches where you can watch the Pacific Ocean crash against the rock outcroppings. La Jolla is a beautiful place and definitely worth the visit.

La Jolla Children's Cove in San Diego Ocean Beach

When we visited California last year, we enjoyed a few days in San Diego. We searched online to find the perfect beach to visit. La Jolla Children's Cove came up on our search and we decided to spend a bit of time there. The tide was coming in and my children has a lot of fun watching the water crash against the rocks, the pelicans flying and landing on the cliff, and walking down to the beach so we could get a closer look at the seals that were basking in the sun on the sand.

Breaker Wall Point Mencinger Children's Cove San Diego California Ocean Waves

The day we went, the waves were crashing high against the breaker wall at Point Mencinger (same beach as the Children's Cove). We didn't walk on the breaker wall because I was worried that we would be washed away into the ocean, but it was amazing to watch the waves crash against and over the wall.

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