Pathway Lined with Trees

I love pathways that are lined with trees and create a shady arch to walk under. In the spring and summer you can enjoy the bright green leaves as you walk, and in the autumn you can shuffle through the brown fallen leaves.

Pathway lined with trees in the spring at Brigham Young Winter Home in St George

This photo is a perfect example of always having your camera ready. My family went to St George, Utah for a short visit. As we were walking around the houses near downtown, I decided to bring my camera with us. Not too surprising if you know me! We walked to the winter home of Brigham Young and this view was along the side of the house. I snapped my picture and just a moment later groups of people started walking around the house and all over the beautiful grounds. If I had waited just a bit to take my photo, it would have been another 10 minutes before I got a chance to have a picture without groups of people in it.

If you are a budding photographer, one of the best ways to improve your photography is to practice. Have your camera with you (either your point and shoot, DSLR, or even your phone) and ready to take photos. For other photography tips, you can visit my blog post on Home Crafts by Ali by clicking here.

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