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November 2020 Photo A Day Challenge

One way to become better at photography is practicing! What better way to exercise those skills, than by taking a photo each day of the month! You can use these photo prompts I put together for the month of November.

Daily prompts to practice photography in November

Celebrate and document your life by looking at your day-to-day life in a new way as you do this photo challenge. I hope you enjoy your photography journey this month!

If you post on social media, I would love to see what you share throughout the month. Tag my IG page: @alibiornphotography or use the hashtag #abphotoaday

If you have suggestions for photo prompts for December, share them in the comment section. I would love to add your ideas to the list!

2020 Free Entrance Days to National Parks

Want to practice your photography skills in a beautiful setting? Take advantage of the 2020 fee free days at our US National Parks.

Free Entrance Days to National Parks in 2020

On these five days throughout the year, you can visit any of the National Parks, National Monuments, and National Forests without having to pay the entrance fee. So if you live in Maine, Florida, Alaska, California - or somewhere in between - take the opportunity to visit these protected lands in our nation.

Raindrops on a Spiderweb

Droplets of water from a recent summer storm on the gossamer threads of a delicate spiderweb.

When you look at a spiderweb, what do you see? Evidence of a pest that you don't want in your home or garden? Or do you notice the intricate workmanship of the web and wonder how long it took the spider to make the thin gossamer threads intertwine?

When I saw this delicate spiderweb that had droplets of water from a recent summer storm, I marveled at the sun shining on the raindrops. I loved seeing the drops suspended on the network of the finely made web.

I'm so thankful I took a moment to appreciate the simple beauty found in nature. What is something in our natural world that you have found stunning recently?

Evening Sun Sunflower

This time of year the sunflowers are opening their petals and showing their bright and beautiful faces. There are so many different varieties of sunflower that you can plant in your garden or even see on the roadside.

Sunflower with vibrant petals that mimic the color of the setting sun

My favorite has been the Evening Sun Sunflowers. Their vibrant petals that mimic the color of the setting sun add a depth of richness to your garden once they bloom. 

What are your favorite sunflowers? I'm already thinking about the ones I want to add to my garden next year!

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